Why Give

Lionsgate Academy: a school where students on the autism spectrum can truly belong.

Lionsgate Academy is based on a mission—to build self-determination in students with autism, so that they may, to their greatest potential, achieve the dreams that they hold for their future.

What Lionsgate Academy students say:

This is the first school where I actually have friends.
The best strength Lionsgate ever gave to me was the strength of confidence.
Here they accept more differences and more learning differences and that’s nice.
I think all the people are so friendly and nice. It’s a good environment; it’s fun. When you go to this school it feels like you are at a home with 100 other yous.

What Lionsgate parents say:

My boys have gotten the individualized attention that they need. They’ve switched from dreading school to loving school.
Lionsgate is constantly encouraging (our child) and helping him to do some amazing things that I don’t think even he thought he could do.
Lionsgate teaches these kids to embrace the label of autism and these kids think ‘Hey, I’m autistic, so what, I can do anything!’