About Us

Founded in 2011, the Lionsgate Foundation supports academic, vocational and independent living skills programming that benefit students, educators and families in the autism community.

Lionsgate Academy (LGA), a charter school based in Minnetonka for students on the autism spectrum in grades 7 through 12, has been the main beneficiary of the foundation’s financial support. LGA was founded in 2008 and has grown and expanded over the years—opening the AIM transition program for students ages 18-21 and a second Shoreview campus in 2018.

As LGA has grown over the years, the mission of the Lionsgate Foundation has expanded as well. Today the Lionsgate Foundation is proud to support Lionsgate Academy's innovative academic offerings, extra-curricular opportunities, technology needs, best-practice techniques and safe school environment. We also look for ways to expand our support to the wider autism education community. Our vision is to expand opportunities, dissolve barriers and increase belonging between students with autism spectrum disorders, their families and communities. 


Lionsgate Foundation meets alternately at the Shoreview and Minnetonka buildings on the second Tuesday of odd numbered months. The 2019 meeting locations are:

  • January: Shoreview

  • March: Minnetonka

  • May: Shoreview

  • July: Minnetonka

  • September: Shoreview

  • November: Minnetonka